Tuesday, June 29, 2010

what is piano heater/ damp chaser?

what is piano heater ?or we can also call it "damp chaser" a  US brand name. it is a long piece of heating rod which installed inside at the bottom part of your upright piano.  for grand piano, it should be installed behind the keyed or under the sound board.

the purpose of heater is to extend the life of your piano and help to achieve tuning stability . it keeps your piano on pitch and prevents major condensation from sudden change of relative humidity (RH) level or temperature from climate and environmental effects, giving you  tonal quality and keyboard control.

without  such humidity control system, a piano can easily goes out of tune which caused by the fluctuation of humidity level changes. it is because the soundboard is the major parts which make a piano goes out of tune, it is located behind of upright piano and under a grand piano, soundboard is made of softwood spruce which actually "breath" and in fact built with slight crown which constantly change the shape according to humidity & temperature changes.

The recommended (RH) relative humidity level for a piano is between 45-55%. install a heater / damp chaser is highly recommended to help to improve your piano tuning stability. it is best if we can add in a sensor to control the heater operation according to the humidity changes to achieve the best control system.

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  1. how much is the heater? where can i get it? and izit easy to install? Wasap me at 012-9395094

  2. I would like to get one or two for our pianos.