Monday, April 16, 2012

grand piano repair

malaysia piano tuning and repair services

this is a petrof grand piano, normally such problem is commonly seen in malaysia due to different weather and humidity.
lead expand, too damp that cause sticky and sluggish action.

even the damper area have the same affection. one the lead become like so, keys or dampers will jam and stuck due to severe friction between lead with  lead rubbing with each other.

 when the grand action has been removed from the piano

key bushing service

sticky hammers 

key lead expand till the key started to crack

need a little bit of reshaping

once the key spoiled key lead has been removed

new lead

grand piano wippen 

once everything include regulation has been completed

action is ready to be mounted back and start tuning

the whole process is a time consuming task,  regulation and necessary adjustment need to be done on the spot before tuning.  now the grand is smooth and ready to be played. 

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