Wednesday, August 8, 2012

malaysia piano moving transport (KL, PJ) etc.

                                            see how we move a grand piano and upright piano

are you moving house? or you just bought a piano from a friend or seller that give you the headache of how to shift?? always look for a piano mover specialist to help you. pay a little bit higher to ensure your piano is safe from place to place, you will never regret.

never ask for a normal home mover to move your piano as a piano is very heavy and need special techniques to handle. we have the all the tools and proper transport vehicle to move your piano. i can guarantee that most of the normal mover will have problem lifting up the piano especially entering the entrance door and narrow lane as they will crack and scratch everywhere.

i mentioned this as i have many clients encounter such incident where the mover said they can do it for a few buck then end up dented and cracking the piano body.

we provide piano moving throughout the whole malaysia, upright and grand piano. charges are different and also depending on the location where additional charges will apply if moving piano up level by using man power.

to prevent such thing happen, please call a specialist to move your piano
this is a video showing how we move an upright piano up a level.

or........ you have a problem moving up to the 1st floor due to narrow staircase or sharp corner, no worry, crane can be arranged.

call to make appointment at 0166604478


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  7. Thanks for posting this! I'm going to be moving in a couple of weeks. Do piano movers also help with moving belongings other than pianos? It would be nice to be able to hire one moving team rather than pay for piano movers and another separate moving team.

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  11. Hi are your services still available and what are the prices for a ordinary piano?

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