Wednesday, February 3, 2016

the first ever gathering for malaysia piano tuners and technicians

it is something unusual to see all the piano tuners & technicians  come out at the same time to meet each other in malaysia.   thanks to mr Wim who came all the way from Hawaii to share a piano technology talk, managed to organised this small gathering  and did not expect the turn up number of people was amazing and most of them are in the field for many years and some are piano big dealers.

traditionally speaking, piano technology is a highly acquired skills where every tuners and technician from different dealer, supplier or individual  in malaysia, will keep all the knowledge which they know to themselves only, no one will willing to share out.

time is changing, the world is globalised where everyone can easily make connection to the other part of the world and information can  be easily get.  by working alone now, it is very difficult to achieve a certain level of standard and quality. building a network can be easy but sometime, on the contrary, can be tough if no one willing to stay together and improve together.

we ( piano tuners and technicians) are considered as  ART PERFORMERs, where art is a very subjective  thing to be  rated and judged thus, in my opinion, no one is 100% perfect or the "best" in the field of art. however, it is important that by standing together, we share, we learn and we gather together to make improvement in order to provide a better quality of service to the entire piano music industry in malaysia.

tough roads ahead, but someone got to break the ice.

a special guest Wim BLEES(middle left) from Hawaii  came to malaysia to share his piano technology experience to malaysia tuners and techs 

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