Saturday, May 12, 2012

loose tuning pins piano repair

dealing with loose tuning pins on a grand piano in kuala lumpur malaysia

sometime when you notice one of the reason your piano goes out of tune very fast is due to loose tuning pins. when the tuning pins are loose, they cannot sustain high tension given by the force of the wires, for just a short while after tuned, or after a few days, going out of tune again is common.

there are many ways to solve this matter. the best is to replace the pin block, which is a piece of layered wood block inside behind the golden iron frame (which cannot be seen) that uses to hold and grip the entire piano tuning pins. it will cost very high to replace a new pin block.

But there is another way to solve the problem, which is to simply replace a larger pin. but then, it all have to depend on the piano condition first, so please call an experienced piano tuner or technician for inspection.