Wednesday, December 18, 2013

my new piano service logo

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

new piano tuning pins and wires

got an old grand with many loose tuning pins
so i decided to replace all of them (with slight larger size tuning pins)
meanwhile i also replaced the wires.
look nice right?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Piano broken pedal

Sometime old piano pedals are quite fragile when steps heavily.
Improper handling can cause the pedals break into two parts when accidentally hit and knock something.

if broken, please DO NOT throw away the old pedal. because we still can weld it back.
in case you mis place or threw away, call a piano technician and get a set of new one.

new pedals often come in sets of 3 nowadays. sometime the technician manage to get a same size used one from some old useless piano.

a broken piano pedal

welding a broken piano pedal

new sets of piano pedal

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Piano bad regulation

Bad regulated piano action is just like wearing a pair of uncomfortable shoes or driving a
poor aligned car.

Here are some pictures showing you some of the culprits.

Hammer heads are not aligned

Hammer blow distance too far

Improper key dip

Uneven hey height

Improper felts and clothes

Rocking keys without bushing felt support

Bad measurements of back check (too far)

And so on... A time consuming task to get  it done properly

Monday, July 1, 2013

piano regulation

To simplify the term piano regulation, it is a task to perform an adjustment or setting the "alignment"  from the keys strait up to the hammer heads of a piano action.

Every piano (upright or grand piano) has its own "secret measurement" from different piano manufacturer. a well regulated piano will produce a good aftertouch. a bad regulated piano action will generate weird touch, unnecessary noise, double knocking, key jam etc.

some pianist will prefer a firm touch and some prefer a softer,  a professional technician is able to regulate or alter the touch according to their preference by setting the distance, height, weight and other measurement.

To regulate a piano is a time consuming task and must be performed carefully by an experienced piano technician.
how often do we need to regulate the piano? well depend on how frequent and heavy you use the piano
. it is just like driving your vehicle, the more and longer you drive, wheels alignment will likely to go off.

upright piano action

grand piano action

Monday, June 17, 2013

crack or broken piano bridge

when a piano sounds funny, a lot of echo or resonance will be generated when activating the sustain pedal, or the tone will not stay strong which will become too mellow or become honky tonk , try to open the lower panel and check inside, you might find something that surprise you.

sometime these problems which mentioned above are caused by bridge problems.
it might split, cracked, or goes out of original position due to high tension compress , humidity changes,  poor adhesive, low quality material etc.