Thursday, September 18, 2014

massive broken wires i have encountered

a client who has just moved to malaysia  from middle east country has called me to view his YAMAHA U1 which he had bought first hand brand new in DOHA. " something wrong to the piano when it has been taken out from the container, it seems like all the wire strings have expanded and unplayable!"

i paid a visit the next day,  when i opened up the top lid and see inside, i was totally shock of what i saw.

i immediately then open up the lower panel and cannot believe how did it happen.
the entire bass wires were broken and rusty

the hitch pins are also started to get rust

middle section wired turning rusty and waiting to snap

realised that the internal were still wet and water drops can be seen, but to my surprise that the board and panels are fine without any damage. 

after some chat with the clients, he did mention about silica gel, could be water based, they have no idea how it looks like because it had been removed during unpacking. "it had been placed inside the piano during the shipping. the  weather was extremely hot before we left for Malaysia, it was almost temperature 50 degree or more, i cannot imagine if it is inside container placed under the hot sun." 

from here , i strongly believe that the incident was caused by moisture absorber. when it is too hot, the packing out of sustain, end up bursting which cause the liquid shower on the wires. second possibility is probably the piano has been tilted or lied down, causing the liquid pour out.

in this kind of situation, if immediate action is taken, the piano wires still can be saved, once it is more than 3 days, the wires will started to rust, then snaps one by one.
of course the piano action will be influenced as well. major repair and restring needs to be done!

yamaha u1