Wednesday, January 21, 2015

cleaning piano pedal rods


flooded piano

my heart sick pain when heard one of my friend's shop was affected by flood 
many people around that area called us up wondering can sell off the piano which was affected by flood. unfortunately , flooded piano we do not buy.  many pianos were submerged in the water for weeks, the woods and wires are either swell or rust . after the flood, everything inside were covered by mud.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

piano cracked bridge

this is an upright piano bridge
it is an old japanese piano brand, maybe around 50 years old.
i discovered the treble area was very weak and almost toneless.
in this case, removing the action part to inspect carefully and found out
the treble end part of the bridge were cracked. you can see the bridge pins position have been
previously "reposition" by drilling  new holes hoping that affected loose pins can hold the tension
of the wire. but it seems to me that it fails.
there is no point to repair unless replacing a duplicated bridge which can cost you high up.