Thursday, December 4, 2014

piano damper and felts replacement

felts and dampers in an old pianos will become wear and tear, replacement is a good way to treat them. if nothing to be done, you may encounter weird noise and sound due to uneven damped wires, unbalance touch because of worn out felts and skins.
regulation can help however, when the adjustment were off the limit, the scales and touch will become awkward. so call your trustable piano technician to refelt your old piano.
you may surprise there are silver fish inside the piano where felts and clothes are their favourite.
call 0166604478 (darren) to check your piano if you want improvement.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

restoring a YAMAHA G2 grand piano
it was left unattended for many years, poor finishing done by the wrong hands which causes the paint crack, hammer heads , key caps, key leads, felts, tuning pins, wires etc. totally replaced.
job done by: Darren piano service
contact: 0166604478

yamaha grand CF3 S Series malaysia

its a 9 foot grand which produces superb sound
serial number 5 million, around 20 years old. (S50000002)
made from the yamaha "S" department, which is one of the top group among .
Keys are made from genuine ivory.
only a few units worldwide.

selling price at RM600,000
CONTACT 0166604478 for a try out

Thursday, September 18, 2014

massive broken wires i have encountered

a client who has just moved to malaysia  from middle east country has called me to view his YAMAHA U1 which he had bought first hand brand new in DOHA. " something wrong to the piano when it has been taken out from the container, it seems like all the wire strings have expanded and unplayable!"

i paid a visit the next day,  when i opened up the top lid and see inside, i was totally shock of what i saw.

i immediately then open up the lower panel and cannot believe how did it happen.
the entire bass wires were broken and rusty

the hitch pins are also started to get rust

middle section wired turning rusty and waiting to snap

realised that the internal were still wet and water drops can be seen, but to my surprise that the board and panels are fine without any damage. 

after some chat with the clients, he did mention about silica gel, could be water based, they have no idea how it looks like because it had been removed during unpacking. "it had been placed inside the piano during the shipping. the  weather was extremely hot before we left for Malaysia, it was almost temperature 50 degree or more, i cannot imagine if it is inside container placed under the hot sun." 

from here , i strongly believe that the incident was caused by moisture absorber. when it is too hot, the packing out of sustain, end up bursting which cause the liquid shower on the wires. second possibility is probably the piano has been tilted or lied down, causing the liquid pour out.

in this kind of situation, if immediate action is taken, the piano wires still can be saved, once it is more than 3 days, the wires will started to rust, then snaps one by one.
of course the piano action will be influenced as well. major repair and restring needs to be done!

yamaha u1 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Spring clean piano inside out

To clean a piano properly is not only from the outside appearance , internal area can hide many dust and foreign objects , some time mouse can brought in things to surprise you.

To do it , one must know how to open up all the front panel and bottom panel, remove all the keys carefully .
Use a vacuum cleaner to suck out major dust , with a brush to clean necessary area. Be careful not to direct vacuum the rounded red and green color felt and cloth, as well as the papers underneath them. Once mess up, you need to spend money and time to look for an experience piano technician to regulate and reset the high and dept of the keyboard and so on.

Never use damped or wet cloth to wipe inside the piano . Certain part is sensitive especially the piano wires will get rust if gets water.

If not sure . Call a local piano technician to do it for you.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Piano spray kl

Trying to be funky
A grand piano which original color was black, well the owner feel
Bored about it and decided to spray it
Matte surface purple color.

of course other colour also available apart from just black colour.

We spray all type of piano within kl and klang valley. Upright piano & grand piano.
Call for information detail.

Monday, August 11, 2014

piano keys repair and polish

piano keys can be polished to a better appearance.
in certain situation, when the key cannot be polished, then the key cap can be replaced.
common thing happen to the key is the bushing. if the bushing (balancing bushing and front key bushing) are not sticked properly,  they will have full contact with the key and balancing pins, that will cause friction. so sometime when you press certain keys, you will find that the response are slow or the key will not fudge, well this is one of the reason that cause.
the other is common problem is the silver fish a type of bug which like to eat the bushing felts and clothes.  when the bushing are all eaten up, it will cause the piano keys wobble and will affect the piano touch.

please enjoy the short slide i have created

Monday, August 4, 2014

bad condition old piano

i came across a tough customer who owns a very old piano which has not been service for many years. at first when i walked in, i saw the walnut upright piano brand which is "Morrison", and i believe it is no longer manufacture.  i flipped up the fallboard, i can see that the entire keys are uneven which goes up and down and sticky, and the tone is extremely out.

then i realised that the piano had actually been restrung 10 to 15 notes, which was not done and coiled properly,  some even over hammered. almost all the wires are rusty, and i also found out that all the hammer heads are heavy worn out, the crown of the hammer heads are going flat. then the tuning pins majority are going loose which unable to sustain tension.

worse thing was, the regulation and the action flanges and hammers are wobbling which make it impossible to tune it.  i did not take many pictures to show here.

the point is, after detected all these problems, i was then trying to explain and show to the customer, which eventually was being questioned back why i wanted to mention all these. she said she only need a tuning and nothing else, "i don't want to spend money to repair or change anything, i want it get tuned only! it is not necessary to make it perfect, i am not a professional, and i only need to get it tuned so i can leisurely play and sing some song, thats all."

i was stopped several time when i was trying to explain what are the major things need to be done before i can actually tune the piano. however, she argue and seem like not believing that what i had mentioned and kept telling that the piano was bought from one of their relatives who used to own a piano shop many years ago and will not simply send someone without experience to service her piano. well,  pictures and video says it all. but even if they are good, it is also time to go through a major service due to wear and tear.

i will definitely won't tune a piano in this condition, as after all, you will make it worse and the result will be the same.  so expect some repair if your piano has not been serviced for many years.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

piano bench

there are two types of common piano benches where available in the market in malaysia.
color range : black, walnut, mahogany & white

1st is the normal non adjustable piano bench
you can actually flip up the top and store books and other things inside.

non adjustable piano bench

you can store books and stuff inside

The adjustable piano bench is normally more heavier than the non adjustable.
you can adjust the height of the bench to suit your comfortability by turning the nobs clockwise / counter clockwise
on the side of the bench.
normal adjustable piano bench

this is adjustable piano bench with drawer
price is slightly expensive than the normal adjustable bench

Monday, July 21, 2014

grand piano repair and restring

a korean YOUNG CHANG old grand piano situate in a PJ mall had a couple of broken wires, sticky keys, a damaged fall board due to being forced to open.

thank you for giving your trust on me.  action was brought back to go through repining  and we spend a few hour with my assistant after the mall operation hour to complete the job.

sluggish hammer flanges

broken wires

fallboard damage

encounter a few sluggish damper level

old broken wires

after repair and polished, the piano is now in excellent condition