Tuesday, January 24, 2017

piano technology workshop (malaysia)

the piano tuner and tech group are very happy to have Wim Blees from America to give another small group workshop in kuala lumpur malaysia on 2017 january 23th.
the first gathering was back in 2016 last year 24th january which is just one year apart.
piano tuners from all around different part of malaysia gather together to share their knowledge, and learn from each other.
we encourage more and more piano tuners and technicians to  come and join us for future chapter meeting. it will be fun as everyone learn their skill differently and new techniques and tips always amaze the group.  for more information please contact darren at 0166604478 or email : darren.hee@gmail.com

wim demonstrates some work on an upright piano

grand piano dissemble demonstration

grand piano regulation

piano hammer head voicing

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